Core-VA Solutions aims to positively change how your long-term healthcare facility operates with our virtual assistants with degrees in nursing and/or health-related fields. We understand that you may currently waste precious time and money completing tedious tasks such as medical reception, appointment scheduling, insurance authorization, receiving and submitting medical information, and so much more. Instead of hiring expensive employees to complete these much-needed tasks, hire our affordable virtual assistants instead, as we can provide you with the same level of service, at a fraction of the price. All you have to do is let us know how we can help, and our team will find the perfect assistant match for your facility!


Our Assistants

As a long-term healthcare facility, you understand the importance of completing vital tasks in a high-quality and efficient manner. It may seem worrisome to outsource these tasks due to the high-value nature of information exchange, but it does not have to be as our assistants are trained in all facets of healthcare.

Our Assistants are:

  • Highly Educated Individuals with Degrees In Nursing and/or health-related fields

  • HIPAA Trained

  • Screened to Ensure They Are a Great Fit for Your Company

  • Proficient in Reading, Writing, and Speaking English

  • Able to Be Trained for Your Specific Goals and Needs

  • $10 per hour, no contract, no obligations, cancel at any time

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Industries We Serve

Our focus is on assisting any and all healthcare facilities in reaching their goals while saving precious time and money along the way. We believe that the healthcare industry is in constant search of new ways to improve operations, and we feel that our services are just the thing you need to succeed.

We Assist:

  • Small to Large Medical Offices

  • Individual Professionals Within a Healthcare Sector

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Physician Groups

  • Residential treatment facilities

  • Personal Care and Group Homes

  • Therapy Offices

  • Anyone in the Healthcare Field

  • Long-term Healthcare Facilities

  • Medical Scribe

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What We Do

We successfully handle tasks for medical facilities to allow them to focus on what truly matters — the patients! Tasks we can effectively handle include:

  • Medical Reception

  • Appointment Scheduling and Confirmations

  • Insurance claims

  • Medical Records Information Exchange

  • Scribing and Transcription

  • Billing

  • And Much More

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