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Core-VA Solutions is here to change how your long-term healthcare facility operates with virtual assistance with degrees in nursing and/or health-related fields that will meet your specific goals. We provide services for various healthcare locations — from small medical offices to larger corporations — as we have the solutions you need to succeed while saving time and money!

Established in 2022, Core-VA Solutions was founded by medical professionals with first-hand experience in the field. As we all know, COVID-19 created a huge impact on the healthcare industry, as facilities were forced to do more with less. During the peak of the COVID pandemic, many healthcare providers faced a workload that multiplied vastly, and many took a hit on revenue due to high demand and little assistance.

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We realized that something had to be done, which is where the idea of virtual healthcare assistants came to be! Virtual assistance provides facilities with a way to reduce the administrative burden and save on overhead costs across the board. We allow professionals to scale their operations and keep up with demand without the added expense of hiring full employees and various other services.

Our ultimate aim is to help your healthcare facility thrive in an industry that demands timely operations to ensure that patients receive the assistance you can supply. Our assistants are industry-educated, screened, HIPAA trained, and proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. Rest assured that we will find the perfect match for your facility, as we have the experience to vet a wide range of candidates that will successfully improve your operations.

We are here to help your healthcare facility focus on what truly matters — your patients. No more need to waste time and money on tedious tasks that can negatively impact your performance as a service, as we are here as the solution to your operating problems!