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Healthcare Virtual Assistant

The Assistant You Need. Without The Expense.

Core-VA Solutions provides top-notch virtual assistance for any type of long-term healthcare setting - whether it be for a small medical office or therapy office. All of our virtual assistants have a degree in nursing and/or health-related fields, and are experts at communicating with patients over the phone, scheduling appointments, working with claims processing, and assisting with billing. So if you're looking for top-notch virtual assistance, Core-VA Solutions is the clear choice!

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Focus on Patients, Not Phones

Our trained virtual assistants understand the needs within your industry. We hire virtual assistants with a degree in nursing and/or health-related fields, because they can adapt to your field seamlessly, allowing your facility to benefit from our services. No more need to waste time and money on tedious tasks, as our assistants allow you to focus on what truly matters — your patients!

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What We Can Do for You


Medical Reception

As a long-term healthcare facility, you constantly receive phone calls from patients inquiring about appointments, information, updates, and much more. We can handle this for you, as your virtual assistants will effectively provide the help patients need.


We Deal with Insurance

Whether you need help with insurance benefits verification, prior authorization, or anything to do with the claims process, your assistant can get it done!


Receive or Submit Vital Information

Your virtual assistant can handle information exchange for you. We train assistants to understand the ins and outs of medical records and other vital information patients need to receive the care they require.


So Much More

The best thing about our virtual assistants is that they can be trained for your specific needs. Whatever you need help with, our goal is to meet those requirements professionally to save you time and money!


A Simple Solution, With So Much to Offer

We strive to help make your facility's operations as smooth as possible with the assistance you need to take care of tasks that take time away from your patients. No more wasting time, money, and effort on tedious processes, as we can help change the way you operate for the better!

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Get the Help You Need Today

Core-VA Solutions is here to make life simple. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy your needs through virtual assistants with degrees in nursing and/or health-related fields that can truly change the way your facility operates. Contact us today, and we can get you the help you need in no time!

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