How Core-VA Solutions Can Help You Save Time and Money

Virtual assistants offer many benefits for your healthcare facility. Core-VA Solutions offers the best healthcare virtual assistants who have been trained specifically to help with patient services for your doctors' office, physician group, group home, and more. Below, learn how our virtual assistant company can help save you time and money. Contact us today!

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Fewer Staff Needed

Since our healthcare virtual assistants will be performing a lot of the daily tasks for your facility, you won't need to have as many employees on staff. This can save you a lot of money on staffing costs, as well as benefits and more.

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Less Overhead for Building Space & Equipment

With fewer staff needed, you won't need as much office space or office equipment and supplies. You can instead opt for a smaller building and reinvest the money you would have spent on desks and chairs for employees into patient care.

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Work More Efficiently

Our healthcare virtual assistants have years of experience helping healthcare facilities with their administrative tasks, such as answering phones and medical billing. With this experience and specialized knowledge, our virtual assistants can oftentimes work more efficiently than office staff, and since you are charged by the hour, this can save you big time.

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Increase Productivity of Staff

Once you partner with a healthcare virtual assistant company, you will notice an increase in the productivity of your existing staff. They will be better able to focus on patient care and do their jobs more efficiently with less hassle and paperwork than they had to do in the past.

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We are proud to help healthcare facilities with their administrative tasks, so they can better focus on improving the customer experience for their patients and offer exceptional care. To get started, contact us today!

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