4 Tips for Working Effectively With Your Healthcare Virtual Assistant

The healthcare industry is no stranger to overwhelming demands. Oftentimes these demands fall on the shoulders of already overworked healthcare professionals who are struggling with administering care and handling vital administrative work.

Core-VA Solutions specializes in taking care of healthcare workers’ workloads. If you’ve ever worked with a healthcare virtual assistant, you know how helpful they can be. Here are a few ground rules if you’re new to the world of VAs.

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Clarify the Scope of Work With Your Healthcare Virtual Assistant

First and foremost, you should decide what work you’re going to delegate to your new healthcare virtual assistant. Typically you’ll lay out a document that covers the specific tasks they’re expected to handle, and then you’ll go over that document (usually over the phone or video) together so you’re both clear on what’s expected.

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Establish Communication Ground Rules and Timeframes

With the globalization of healthcare, and in a larger scope, the realm of work itself, it’s not uncommon to work across time zones. That’s why you should set clear ground rules and time frames for expected communication windows. Lay out specific hours of the day your new healthcare virtual assistant is expected to work and be responsive to your messages.

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Show Appreciation

Work — of any kind — deserves appreciation. Make sure your virtual assistants know they’re doing a good job, and feel free to reward them in small ways, such as digital gift cards or a heartfelt message. It’ll make their day, and improve their performance.

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Monitor Performance and Productivity

On the subject of performance, be sure to track the performance of your virtual assistant across days, weeks, months, and even years. This will let you fine-tune your VA’s performance, and identify areas in which they could use some support. But remember this when reviewing KPIs with your healthcare virtual assistant: you’re not looking for perfection, you’re looking for growth.

A healthcare virtual assistant can accelerate your practice, hospital, or office, by handling excess workloads or rote, time-consuming tasks — but only if you’re willing to work with the best. Contact Core-VA Solutions to learn more about how we can handle billing, claims processing, and more, all remotely!

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